Archaeological Dig: Week 2

Week 2 of the dig was grueling. It has been hot outside and we spend approximately 9 hours in the sun each day. Occasionally we will get a shade tent, but some people need them more than others, so there are times when our group gets zero shade each day. I am filthy, sunburned and physically exhausted. Right now, I am wondering how I could have made such a horrible mistake. :-\  Here's to hoping that next week goes much better!

The area underneath the shade tent structure is where my excavation area is

Pictured is my partner Krista. This photo was taken after we removed the top soil and sod.

Not too long in, we realized we had found foundation.

By the end of Thursday both groups (mine is in the back) had uncovered quite a bit of foundation. The only artifacts we have found are nails, so far.

By end of day Friday we had uncovered much more foundation and excavating the North side of the pit down to 10 cm. Next week we will continue digging out the North side another 10 cm looking for artifacts.