My Birthday was Rad!

There are so many wonderful things about my birthday each year, I cannot adequately describe how much I look forward to it. Hubby always makes quite a production about it and it usually lasts several days. Plus, with all my clean eating lately due to my acid reflux little things like donuts and Taco Bell are more of a treat than they used to be. He knocked it out of the park this year with indoor skydiving! I enjoyed every minute of it! Thanks Hubs for another great year!!

Kristi's 37th Birthday Extravaganza

Thursday (My Actual Birthday):
Donuts for breakfast, Dinner at La Provence, Post Dinner Birthday Present, Cake

Homemade French Toast for breakfast, Indoor Skydiving at 9:30 am, Taco Bell Quesalupa for lunch, Eat more Cake, Watch "Zootopia" in the movie theatre and "Sisters" at home.

Easter Sunday:
Homemade French Toast for breakfast and a massage from the Hubs Man


Hubs Man