Silly Schnauzers and Churro

Now that I am home again full time it is easier to catch the dogs doing adorable things. Since Hubby's mom had a stroke back in October, we have been caring for her dog, Buni, full time until she is well enough to have her back. The first few weeks were tough, introducing a new dog into the fold always is, but Buni (or Churro, as we call her) has acclimated to our home really well. We have Lily to thank for that as she showed her the ropes, taught her what to do/when to do it, and plays with her.

Not staged, they all just got here on their own.

When I sit on the floor, Lily gets on the couch to see what I am doing.

Lily's newest toy, the octopus

Trudy sleeps anywhere and in any position she so chooses.

Churro is very sleepy and just a tiny bit cute. 

They rarely share the same bed, but there are rare exceptions.

My morning snuggle buddy!

Star Wars sweater friends

Piper finally made an appearance on abnormally warm day.

Look at these two idiots, I love them!

Lily does this every. single. night.

It's tough being Trudy, wrapped in a blanket in front of the fire.

Suddenly awoken and still adorable!

Trudy looks so tiny and old in that big yard.

Trudy was having a "bad back" day, but Churro and Lily aren't far away...