Madam President

At the beginning of the year, the President of the "Friends" non-profit I volunteer with announced that due to health concerns he would not be running for re-election. This left the organization with a huge problem, as we are quite a small board and have a small contingent of members. After much contemplation, discussion and research, Hubs and I decided this was a challenge I should accept.

For two months, I slowly picked up more and more responsibility with the "Friends" group and still donated a ton of time doing overnights at Evergreen. I quickly realized there would be no way to volunteer with both groups, so I made a choice. I officially said goodbye to Evergreen and was voted in as the President of the Friends of Historic Champoeg on the same weekend.

It has already been a rollercoaster ride full of changes and unexpected road blocks but I am challenging myself to handle them with dignity and grace. We have a great staff, some wonderful board members and supportive Park staff which will make the next 2 years an interesting adventure!


Curtis said…
Wow, that is pretty big move. Can you appoint the pups to your not-so-secret service detail?