Model Group Luncheon

Back at the end of March, the model group from Evergreen (which has mostly disbanded) got together for one of its notorious luncheons. Due to illness and a myriad of other problems, the entire group rarely is able to make it to the same place at the same time...until yesterday. What a wonderful day! We traveled to Lincoln City and ate delicious food at Fathom's Penthouse Restaurant and Bar. Wonderful conversation, belly-laughs and celebrations of recovery!

Funny Story: Another patron, not with our group but who was the same age as the others, came up to me and asked why I would be there with all those "old people"? I told him those "old people" were my friends! My group thought this was simply the best and referred to me as their "bus driver" who cares for them over at the "old-folks home". They were still laughing about it all the way home!