Teeny Tiny Kitchen: Walls

Phase 2 of the kitchen remodel is underway. If you remember from back in February we had the whole house replumbed and we moved the washer/dryer & hot water heater into the garage. Before moving forward in this section of the house the walls of our cabin had to be addressed. Unfortunately since the 1970s (when it was built) no one thought to seal or protect the logs. Stains, dust, grease and water intrusion have left unfortunate marks on most of the logs. It took many months of trial and error to find a solution that would clean the logs without harming them. Hubby ultimately discovered that a combination of water, vinegar and Borax along with scouring pads got most of the dirt and grime off the logs. Sometimes in bad spots, it took several cleanings over several days. Once dry, Hubby applied a tinted stain to help even out the log coloring and than a glossy top coat for protection. Even I couldn't have anticipated what a remarkable change occurred in this small area.

(above) This is where the washer and dryer used to be, notice all the stains on the right-hand wall from a roof leak before we moved in. We discovered that water stains are almost impossible to remove from unprotected logs, so most of the repair had to be with stain. This will be where the fridge goes.

View from the garage, dead ahead will be where we build the pantry.

We are considering opening up that doorway into the kitchen even more by creating a "pony" wall.

View from inside the kitchen. Isn't the difference amazing between the cleaned and protected logs and the logs in the kitchen?