Texas Vacation: Day 1 & 2

Unfortunately this year Hubs and I were not able to take a vacation together. Circumstances with both Trudy and Mom-in-law precluded both of us from leaving simultaneously. Back in August, Hubs went to CA to visit his bestie which left September open for me to visit my sister in the great state of Texas! 

My initial impression of Texas after getting off the plane into the airport was, "well the humidity isn't so bad" and than I walked outside and thought I had been slapped in the face with a wet wash cloth. Wow! High temperatures and high humidity...I cannot even adequately describe it.

Mexican food in Texas is the best Mexican I have had since leaving AZ

Breakfast burritos in Texas: NOPE
Breakfast tacos in Texas: ABSOLUTELY

Very cool museum on Camp Mabry

The Austin Toy Museum! A blast from our past. 
This place literally has every toy from the 80s that we had or wished we had!

The infamous Austin bats which live under the bridges and fly out in swarms at dusk. 
EXCEPT on this night, they decided to take some time off.