Texas Vacation: Day 4

My sister and I are no strangers to conventions! Our very first convention was a Star Trek convention when I was in high school and she was in middle school (when Star Trek Generations came out -- circa 1994). That was quickly followed by an X-Files convention and now we have been to more conventions than I can count so when Wizard World was coming to Austin, I made sure to plan my trip to Texas so we could attend.

The first thing my sister's boyfriend asked was "can we dress up?" My sis and I were hesitant. One of the things we prided ourselves in was not being one of "those people". But we agreed. Morgan decided to be Link, my sis Leela and I wanted to be Rey. I love that we all picked something different, although next time I think we should do a group costume.

I openly admit that I wasn't sold on dressing up (even after buying all the costume pieces) but I figured I am a thousand miles from home, who will notice me? A lot of people, in fact. It is the closest thing to being a celebrity for a day. So many people wanted pictures with me, especially little girls who love Rey and BB8. It made me happy each time I felt a tug on my costume and a little girl was there asking for a picture. I even ran into a guy dressed like Old Luke, which was awesome!

In the end, I am glad that my sis and Morgan convinced me to do something outside my comfort zone. It was a blast! Would you do it again, you ask? Absolutely, I am one of "those people" now!

They just couldn't get their selfie game going!

Bruce Campbell was a rockstar! Funny and just all around great guy!