Silly Schnauzers

Both Schnauzers had their birthdays in the past month. We are now officially a home full of geriatric animals. The youngest is, of course, Churro but she isn't technically ours as she is on loan from mom-in-law. Lily is now 13, Piper is 16 and Trudy is 17.

Our veterinarian decided suddenly to retire so I have spent most of today interviewing new vets and trying to find a kind and compassionate place to discuss end-of-life plans for Trudy. While we have little reason to think that Trudy is going anywhere, there are small signs each day that she is slowing down. She isn't as active, she is grumpier than normal, and her dementia is getting harder to manage. The reality is setting in that we need to prepare...

The other dogs have been quite patient and kind towards Trudy, considering her ailment. We all have our moments of reacting poorly but overall the other dogs look out for Trudy and try to help her or at least stay out of the way.

Sweet Lily

Trudy in the Springtime

Fighting over who gets the blanket

Boney little Trudy. This sweet girl just keeps hanging on.
Those back legs just aren't working the way they used to.

Piper likes to take a shower with me every morning, than sun herself afterwards.
She is a horribly, nasty cat but sometimes she can be adorable.
Can you believe she weighs 5 lbs? Tiniest old cat I have ever met.