Teeny, Tiny House: Shed (Part 2)

About this time last month, Hubby ordered a dumpster and started dismantling the old shed. It took several long days and brute strength but Hubs got it demoed with very few problems. Surprisingly there weren't any critters underneath waiting for him as we had posited. The wisteria didn't survive the demo (he took some cuttings and is trying to replant elsewhere on the property) but we knew that going in. While it was a beautiful old plant, it lived right next to the well and both of us have been concerned about its root system so close to our only water source.

The well currently has a tarp over it and we are considering more permanent options which are more pleasing to the eye. To say that we are relieved to have this eye sore gone is an understatement. It is so much easier to pull the car out of the garage now. In addition, we already are able to see more wildlife. We witnessed our very first raccoon and it was ginormous -- hands-down bigger than Lily.

As an aside: Back when I was building wooden model airplanes I quickly learned that the project always goes smoother and less stressful when you have the right tool for the job. Ever since I have always supports Hubs in making tool purchases because I know how it feels to want to accomplish something and not having the tool that would make it easier. You can literally spend days trying to rig something that would normally take minutes with the right equipment. Hubs bought a sawzall for this project and he couldn't have done it with it. Ladies, take advice from an old married lady, don't give your man grief for buying tools!