Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Trudy (2000-2017)

I don't even know how to start writing this post, so I guess I will start with that Trudy passed away on Saturday, October 21st in the afternoon. Matt and I were with her as she made her exit from this life. To say that we are devastated, heartbroken and grieving would be an understatement. While we love all our pets, Trudy was tremendously special to us. She came to us so needy of love, attention and medical care. She had led such a difficult life before coming to our home, all we ever wanted to do was provide a safe, warm and comforting environment - full of blankets - for her. I think we were successful.

Hubby pointed out that my very first post on this blog was about Trudy. You can read it here. In it I mentioned that whether we had five days, five months or five years we would give her a life filled with love, kisses and lots of snuggles. We were blessed with 10 amazing years with our sweet girl and our home and our lives will never be the same. We are proud and honored to have been her "parents".

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