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Teresa and I's Bathrooms have Become the Halfway House for Lost and Wounded Animals

Teresa called me bright and early this morning and told me that Tim had found a wounded puppy during his work route. She asked me if I would take it, if just temporarily, until we figured out what to do with it. I agreed and picked up from Tim's work a bleeding 10-12 week old female black lab. I brought her home, gave her a bath, and she is now sleeping in my bathroom. Her wounds are fairly bad so Teresa scheduled an appointment with a vet who has agreed to look at the puppy free of charge. The appointment is today between 4-4:30.

The puppy is very skinny but is drinking and eating normally. I was lucky enough to convince a vet's office up the road from my house to give me a free bag of puppy food, and she seems to like it.

Between Teresa, Matt, Tim, Patty, and myself, we will find a home for this little girl. It warms my heart that so many people are willing to help one very adorable, homeless little puppy!

More updates later!!

My Thoughts (thus far) about Spring 2009

I thought it might be fun to make some general comments about this semester (so far) and how I think it will go early on in the semester and see how these ideas pan out at the end. It might be interesting to see how differently or how similar I feel when all is said and done. I reserve the right to change my opinion at any time, especially after the first round of tests.

The teacher is hilarious and very well educated in his field. The tests are not cumulative which gives the students the advantage but there is a 12 page paper due by April 30th. I anticipate that I will enjoy this class tremendously.
Again, the teacher is hilarious and loves plants (a little too much if you ask me, plants just aren't that interesting). I have heard his tests are tricky but all the material comes from his Powerpoint presentations. This class focuses on biology at the macro scale rather than the micro scale like last semester…

New, Revamped Class Schedule

I have been stressing for the last couple of days about revamping my school schedule for this semester which starts on Wednesday. I finally was able to add, drop, and move some classes around and my (hopefully) final schedule is:


My UA advisor and I opted to drop Calculus II this semester and replace it with a couple of Anthropology courses. This decision was made for a couple of different reasons: it was recommended by my good friend, Susan, who also is my previous Pima professor. She thinks that using the other side of my brain for Anthropology wouldn't be a bad idea. There is only so much chemistry, biology, and math one person can take. Secondly, I need a couple of classes to boost my GPA. My first semester at UA was dismal and I need all the help I …

Our New House (Again)

It is official, we are moving! We turned in our notice today to the current landlords and moving day will be the week of February 1st- 7th. The house is located at Sabino Canyon and Tanque Verde, across the street from Udall Park. The house is about 1350 square feet, two car garage, in a gated community, with a doggie door. Needless to say we are not looking forward to the move, but are looking forward to getting some sleep without the noisy neighbors.

An interesting footnote: when we talked to our current landlords today, they wanted to know why we were moving. We told them that we couldn't stand living next door to the frat boys anymore and that we felt we had been more than patient. They agreed and said they would talk to the landlords of the frat boys and notify them of the problem, which apparently has been ongoing for some time. We got a call later in the day from our landlords that the next door landlords said they wished they had known about the problem because these…

Our Poor Schnauzer is Home From Surgery

Little Trudy came home today at 5:00 pm from her big day at the vet and eventful surgery.

I will spare you the boring and somewhat uncomfortable details and simply say that in addition to the three teeth that Matthew and I were aware needed to be pulled, the vet opted to pull 7 additional teeth. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, our dog had 10 teeth pulled and literally has but 5 teeth left in her little mouth. She has been placed on wet food for the time being until we can gauge how she will react to dry or semi-dry food. From here on out it will be trial and error just trying to figure out what she will tolerate and what she won't.

Currently she is doing well. She is up and around, coherent and amazingly hungry.

We were all excited to have her home (except for Piper) and it was very obvious that she was happy to be home. I am very glad this experience is behind us but Dr. L warned that the remainder of her teeth will probably need to be pulled within her lifetime.