Our Poor Schnauzer is Home From Surgery

Little Trudy came home today at 5:00 pm from her big day at the vet and eventful surgery.

I will spare you the boring and somewhat uncomfortable details and simply say that in addition to the three teeth that Matthew and I were aware needed to be pulled, the vet opted to pull 7 additional teeth. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, our dog had 10 teeth pulled and literally has but 5 teeth left in her little mouth. She has been placed on wet food for the time being until we can gauge how she will react to dry or semi-dry food. From here on out it will be trial and error just trying to figure out what she will tolerate and what she won't.

Currently she is doing well. She is up and around, coherent and amazingly hungry.

We were all excited to have her home (except for Piper) and it was very obvious that she was happy to be home. I am very glad this experience is behind us but Dr. L warned that the remainder of her teeth will probably need to be pulled within her lifetime.