Teresa and I's Bathrooms have Become the Halfway House for Lost and Wounded Animals

Teresa called me bright and early this morning and told me that Tim had found a wounded puppy during his work route. She asked me if I would take it, if just temporarily, until we figured out what to do with it. I agreed and picked up from Tim's work a bleeding 10-12 week old female black lab. I brought her home, gave her a bath, and she is now sleeping in my bathroom. Her wounds are fairly bad so Teresa scheduled an appointment with a vet who has agreed to look at the puppy free of charge. The appointment is today between 4-4:30.

The puppy is very skinny but is drinking and eating normally. I was lucky enough to convince a vet's office up the road from my house to give me a free bag of puppy food, and she seems to like it.

Between Teresa, Matt, Tim, Patty, and myself, we will find a home for this little girl. It warms my heart that so many people are willing to help one very adorable, homeless little puppy!

More updates later!!