It's Time to Come Clean...

I honestly had no idea that almost a month had gone by since my last post. How time flies when you aren't having fun. sister dropped by yesterday to show me the new dress that she purchased for our Oscar Night Extravaganza and she confessed that she accidentally told someone something that she didn't realize was a secret (or at least something that I hadn't openly shared with anyone). She felt really bad, but I assured her that it is about time I just come out with it. So here it is...

I lost my scholarship after just one semester.

Hmmm...that didn't feel as good as I expected it to.

In my defense I didn't realize that I lost it until about three weeks ago. Due to some miscommunications between myself and the U of A, I was under the impression that everything was fine, but apparently it was not. I now have student debt just like 90% of the rest of the people who go there, but I'll be honest, it has been a most uncomfortable and disgruntling three weeks.

Obviously I lost my scholarship due to poor grades. Those grades were:

Organic Chemistry Lab A
Biology 181 Lab A
Organic Chemistry Lecture C
Biology 181 Lecture/Honors C (Not much of an honors student, am I?)

This added up to a GPA of 2.44 (the lowest I have ever had). This is not the 3.25 GPA I needed to maintain my scholarship. I do have the option of reapplying for the scholarship when my GPA goes up but that is unlikely as I just found out I failed my first organic chemistry test of this semester.

Needless to say when it comes to school I lack the ability to achieve at the university level and seriously doubt that graduation will be anything other than a distant dream. But I chug along each day, wishing for it to be over, and praying that summer gets here soon.


Curtis said…
don't give up.
It takes a while, but I am living proof that anyone can (almost) do it.
I just have to make it through this last semester.