My Thoughts (thus far) about Spring 2009

I thought it might be fun to make some general comments about this semester (so far) and how I think it will go early on in the semester and see how these ideas pan out at the end. It might be interesting to see how differently or how similar I feel when all is said and done. I reserve the right to change my opinion at any time, especially after the first round of tests.

  • The teacher is hilarious and very well educated in his field. The tests are not cumulative which gives the students the advantage but there is a 12 page paper due by April 30th. I anticipate that I will enjoy this class tremendously.
  • Again, the teacher is hilarious and loves plants (a little too much if you ask me, plants just aren't that interesting). I have heard his tests are tricky but all the material comes from his Powerpoint presentations. This class focuses on biology at the macro scale rather than the micro scale like last semester. Thus, I anticipate that I will enjoy this class about 50% of the time (unlike last semester which I enjoyed the class 0% of the time).
  • I have formed no opinion at this point as the class begins tomorrow and I haven't yet met my TA (teaching assistant).
  • Oh dear God, I think I might die. This class is all about Charles Darwin's life and legacy. We are currently reading his first book, "The Voyage of the Beagle" of which I have read over 200 pages in the first week. The remainder of the book will be completed next week (supposedly). The three other books of Darwin will be completed by the end of the semester. In addition a 20 page paper is due at the end of the semester as well as an oral report. This class is crazy but the teacher knows Dr. Dobyns, so it can't be all bad. I anticipate this class kicking my butt!
  • Would it be bad to say "oh dear God, I think I might die" again? The professor is witty and is always out to make fun of people, which pleases me. On the other hand, he is TOUGH to the extreme. I have been told his tests are ridiculous and the averages are very low. On the other hand, I have learned more in the first two days in his class than I did in O Chem all last semester. He claims we will learn over 300 reactions and the class will be all-consuming. I anticipate getting a 'C' in this class and that will be by the grace of God.
  • This class is taught by a TA who has dreadlocks and piercings in his face. I must admit, in my old age, that I was slightly taken-aback. However, once the initial shock wore off, he seems to be a nice guy. He stayed after class today to help a few of us with some questions and he likes to play music during the labs to break up the monotony. I anticipate this class will be difficult but laid back.

On a completely different subject, I finally got a call from Melanie a few days ago and she is doing fine. She called me from the airport in Salt Lake City on her way home to Pueblo. She stayed in Tucson after the funeral but stayed at an old friends house (someone who didn't know Joe). She turned her phone off and just spent a number of days alone with her kids and enjoyed the beautiful outdoor temperatures. She appreciated everyone being worried about her (it appears I wasn't the only one checking on her), but needed some time to decompress and be alone. She is now safely in Pueblo, Savanna has returned to school, and life has resumed. Matthew and I hope to visit her over Spring Break.

Despite all the junk that happens in my life, I try to put aside all of it and think of Mel and the kids everyday. I also think of Joe and hope that wherever he is it is peaceful. I also think about how lost and alone I would be without my Matthew. It is all so very heartbreaking!


On another completely different note, Trudy is doing well and has her followup visit with the vet on Friday. She is enjoying the wet food and the new dog that moved in next door.

Moving day is approaching and for once Matthew and I are on schedule with our packing.

Matthew is crazy-busy at work right now and is working long hours. This, obviously, is a double edged sword as we like the extra cash revenue with the move coming up and the job security, but I certainly do miss his sweet face when he isn't home!


I have just been informed that the UA vs. ASU game is on, so I must run. Take care everyone!