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Happy Leap Day

Wishing you a very Happy Leap Day!
An update about us:  Hubby is working a ton - days, evenings, weekends - he is keeping very busy at work. We haven't been going out much because he is so busy and because it was a very expensive January and February. It is terribly difficult on the bank account to move!
I, on the other hand, am trying to stay busy. I have applied for a couple of jobs but haven't heard back. I have finally unpacked the entire house! I interviewed a new veterinarian and he seems like a good fit for our furry family. I have test driven a new Camaro and a Challenger (loving the Challenger!). I registered my car, Killer, and she is officially an Oregonian now. I am decorating the house and trying to find "used" places to find my treasures. The water heater in our garage is being replaced as I write this. It has leaked from day one and the rental agency is finally doing something about it.
What can I say, life is boring, but the scenery is beautiful!

Silly Schnauzers

Mom, that flash sure is bright!
I woke her suddenly, so silly looking!
 She sleeps like this all the time, even at night
 Not fans of the rainy weather, but they sure are cute
 Professor Lily
If there is a blanket, Trudy will be there

Happy Valentine's Day

Lily and Trudy wish you all a happy Valentine's Day. Hoping you had a great day with your sweeties!

New Burn Notice Video

I have been working on a Burn Notice video over the past few weeks. Since Hubby had to work late last night, I was able to finish it sooner than expected. My video making process is slow mostly because I try to fit a clip with the lyrics, so sometimes an entire day will go by and I only added one 4 second clip. This video begins my desire to have a more professional video editing software, there was so much I wanted to do but was limited by iMovie 11.

I also posted a better quality version on Youtube.

Evergreen Air and Space Museum

Hubby and I went to Evergreen Air and Space Museum in McMinnville, Oregon on Sunday (before the Super Bowl). It is located about 40 minutes away from us but I loved it so much I am going to apply to be a volunteer.

 Evergreen is the home of the "Spruce Goose" -- largest plane made of wood
B-17, similar to the Memphis Belle
 This is the tenth Mercury capsule which was never used because the program was scrapped for the Gemini project.
Gemini capsule
 The capsule hanging from the helicopter is a replica from the Apollo 13 movie.

 Hubby landing the lunar module.

There are three buildings all together, this one is the indoor waterpark. Patrons climb up into the plane and get down thru several slides! This museum also has its own vineyard!

Room 2: Guest Bedroom

I haven't been feeling well recently, so I haven't had the gusto to work on the house. Today I was feeling better, so I finally finished the guest bedroom. It is my "girlie" room, the one room where I can go crazy with the feminine stuff. :)
View from the doorway 

 The hurricane lamp and tortoises are from my mother The doily was my great grandmothers (I think she made it) The placard is from my good friend Jenna The flowers and vase are from my hubby (who bought them for me because he is allergic to real flowers)
 Our library -- condensed down from two bookcases into one
 The Amidala poster is from my sister, she framed it
herself and signed the back The Star Trek animals are from my hubby The graduation bear is from Grandma Eileen The quilt was hand-made by hubby's great aunt for our wedding
The mirror was my mother's when she was a little girl The candelabras are from my Grandma Newton 
The total cost for this room was $0.00, I decorated with only what I …