Room 2: Guest Bedroom

I haven't been feeling well recently, so I haven't had the gusto to work on the house. Today I was feeling better, so I finally finished the guest bedroom. It is my "girlie" room, the one room where I can go crazy with the feminine stuff. :)

View from the doorway 

 The hurricane lamp and tortoises are from my mother
The doily was my great grandmothers (I think she made it)
The placard is from my good friend Jenna
The flowers and vase are from my hubby (who bought them for me because he is allergic to real flowers)

 Our library -- condensed down from two bookcases into one

 The Amidala poster is from my sister, she framed it
herself and signed the back
The Star Trek animals are from my hubby
The graduation bear is from Grandma Eileen
The quilt was hand-made by hubby's great aunt for our wedding

The mirror was my mother's when she was a little girl
The candelabras are from my Grandma Newton 

The total cost for this room was $0.00, I decorated with only what I had. I am thinking about hanging a set of powder blue curtains I have but don't want the room to feel too cluttered.


Tree said…
Wow! The room looks great! You did so good with what you had. I'm so happy that you can still find room for Padmae. She's held up pretty well.