Evergreen Air and Space Museum

Hubby and I went to Evergreen Air and Space Museum in McMinnville, Oregon on Sunday (before the Super Bowl). It is located about 40 minutes away from us but I loved it so much I am going to apply to be a volunteer.

 Evergreen is the home of the "Spruce Goose" -- largest plane made of wood

B-17, similar to the Memphis Belle

 This is the tenth Mercury capsule which was never used because the program was scrapped for the Gemini project.

Gemini capsule

 The capsule hanging from the helicopter is a replica from the Apollo 13 movie.

 Hubby landing the lunar module.

There are three buildings all together, this one is the indoor waterpark. Patrons climb up into the plane and get down thru several slides! This museum also has its own vineyard!


Tree said…
It looks like you had a ton of fun! It looks way better than the one in Tucson, that's probably because everything is better than Tucson.