Our Trip to Vegas 2008

Matthew, I, and all the pets are safely home from our vacation. I am still a little tired from the events of the week, so I will simply give a brief overview of what we did and later in the week will regale you all with stories from our trip!

Star Trek: The Experience
Lunch @ Quark's
Checked into the Monte Carlo
Dinner @ the New York, New York
Watched Olympics

Lunch @ the Silverton Buffet (delicious!)
Bally's for "The Price is Right"
The Palms for the Playboy store and club
Dinner @ In & Out Burger
Watched Olympics

Relaxing morning by the pool at the Monte Carlo
Lunch @ Big Dogs
Dessert @ the Star Trek: The Experience
Rides/Museum @ Star Trek: The Experience
No Dinner....too full!
Watched Olympics

Breakfast @ Starbucks
Tix 4 Tonite (to get show tickets)
Mirage for Seigfried and Roy's baby tiger exhibit
Lunch @ La Salsa
Planet Hollywood for Popovich's Comedy Pet Theatre
Dinner @ the New York, New York
Watched Olympics

Breakfast @ Panera's in Henderson
Back to Kingman to pick up the puppies!!
Dinner with Family
Drive back to Tucson

Arrived in Tucson @ 1:00 am