Meet Princess Allura...

Please meet Princess Allura, my new bicycle, purchased the day before school started at K-Mart. She is beautiful and fun, but most of all she is pink! Her name is Princess Allura because I am watching Voltron right now and the pilot of the blue lion wears pink. I have already gotten several compliments at school about her and she is much easier to maneuver with 25 pounds of books on my back than Matthew's 10-speed. My only complaint so far is that I have been soaking wet for the first two days of school. If I am not sweating my butt off than I am drenched with rain. I don't do well when wet! YUCK!

I am hoping to add some upgrades to Princess Allura in the near future.  Most of all I would like a basket on either the front or back that will accommodate my backpack.

The New Princess Allura

The Original Princess Allura

More details will follow regarding my first week at the U of A after my first week has concluded.  Keep an eye out this weekend.