The University of Arizona

I know a few of you have been waiting for an update about school.  Of course that is an interesting conundrum since 99% of my time is now spent doing homework or studying for a test and I have 1% of my remaining time to eat, sleep, blog, and be with my hubby.

What is bad about the U of A?  

1. Well, it isn't much different than Pima except that it is MUCH bigger.  There are people, literally, everywhere.  

2. When riding your bike, pedestrians insist on standing, sitting, lollygagging or simply blocking the bike lanes.

3. When you are a pedestrian, the bicyclists will literally run you down and kill you.

4. Monsoon season is awesome until you have to ride home in it, or better yet ride to school in it.  There is nothing worse than sitting through 3 air conditioned lectures when you are soaked to the bone.

5. Grabbing a bite to eat takes an hour, 55 minutes waiting in line and 5 minutes to swallow it on the way to your next class.

6. The professors simply don't give a damn.  Come, don't come, do the work, or don't.  It is all the same to them.  At least at Pima they pretended to care.

7. Sorority girls and Fraternity boys annoy me to such an extreme I may have to start taking hostages.

What is good about the U of A?

1. I have been accepted to the Honors college and they are accepting me as a Junior which will make graduating with honors an attainable goal.

2. I will most certainly lose weight since I bike an average of 15 miles per week and Matt and I are swimming at the UA Rec center 3 times a week.

3. There is more anonymity and people (generally) don't recognize or know me.

4. We are saving a ton of dough now that Matt is taking the Hyundai to work and I bike everywhere I need to go.

5. My CatCard gets me discounts almost everywhere...again saving money.  Nothing I like better!

6. I get to listen to my iPod everyday.  It is no longer a really expensive solitaire machine but an actual product I use everyday.

7. If nothing else, at the end of the day I can say I am a WILDCAT!

My Classes:

Chemistry Discussion Hour
Organic Chemistry Lecture
Calculus II

Organic Chemistry Lab
Molecular and Cellular Biology Lecture

Organic Chemistry Lecture
Calculus II

Molecular and Cellular Biology Lecture
Molecular and Cellular Biology Lecture (HONORS)

Molecular and Cellular Biology Lab
Organic Chemistry Lecture
Calculus II
Alright everyone, that is all the typing I can tolerate for one day.  I have spent more hours at this computer today than I care to think about.  Will write again soon when something interesting or amazing happens!


Mel and Agus said…
I just had to comment on a couple of things:
1. i also hated walking around the U of A during monsoon season - doing it in jeans & flip-flops is just disgusting!
2. i completely agree about sorority/fraternity people. i've always hated them & now i have to teach them - just as annoying!
3. i'm curious about "chemistry discussion" - what kinds of things do you discuss about chemistry?
4. lastly, i LOVE your bike & think it's great! you're going to look smokin' in no time! :)

miss you!