Tucson Heat is Destructive

Due to some technical difficulties which have been resolved, the blog I tried to post a few days ago is now back up (albeit rewritten).

Matthew and I recently decided to move our master bedroom from its location to another room of the house. This came about for two reasons. First, the boys next door like to party. They like to party so much that they do it all the time. I wasn't getting any sleep and they weren't working with us. Second, the master bedroom is extremely hot. It is on the West side of the house and gets a great deal of sun exposure. We successfully moved the rooms...the master bedroom is now the computer room and the old computer room is now our master bedroom. It is working out marvelously thus far and we are glad we made the change.

The one surprising element we found in the old master bedroom was the ruined blinds. We had window covering overtop of the blinds to block the light. Little did we know that the Tucson sun could make the blinds look like we took a blow torch to them.