Diverticulitis: Update

I had my last appointment, as least for the foreseeable future, with my gastroenterologist yesterday. Overall she says I am making good progress, the intense pressure in my abdomen has lessened and my bouts of pain are only about a couple times a week. For me, this is progress.

I have been on antibiotics for at least the last 12 weeks, trying to clear up the infection in my lower GI tract. That regimen will be done in about 2 more weeks. Her advice from now on is: eat better, get plenty of sleep, exercise, and drink lots of water. I can accomplish all of these on my own except for the eating better part. Where does one begin? So, now I am seeking a nutritionist, hopefully free through the university but if not, through my health insurance company...who can put me on the right track in terms of what I should be eating. Those with diverticulitis are not supposed to eat popcorn, nuts, or seeds of any kind. Other than that, that's all I know. Hopefully a nutritionist or dietitian can tell me how many veggies, fruits, dairy, and meats I should be eating eat day/week with the condition that I have.

The only other problem I foresee is the "plenty of sleep". I am going into finals in about a week or so and I doubt much sleeping will be going on...but I will try.