Post Election Day Response

I am only going to briefly comment on the Presidental race. My candidate didn't win and I am disappointed. I thought he brought a lot to the table and would have been a great and honorable president. I am getting used to the idea of having Obama as my President and truly hope he brings the change he promises to America.

Now onto the Arizona elections!

Let's be honest Arizonans, we aren't very happy with the government we have in place or many of the policies they support. Which is why the election results are so stiking. I did a completely non-mathmatical tabulation this morning of who won and who didn't. Would you be surprised to hear that out of the approximately 64 races that took place in Pima County alone, apporximately 49 of those resulted in the imcumbant(s) staying in office? Would you also be surprised to hear that a vast majority of those 15 races which resulted in a new candidate taking office, the incumbant wasn't running against them? Don't you also find it interesting that not a single judge was unseated?

This state needs help and it needs it desperately! Our school districts have no money, our prisons are overcrowded, illegal aliens are crossing the border into our state EVERYDAY, our streets and highways need improvement, crime is on the rise, the list goes on and on!


I urge all Arizonans, shoot I urge people from every state, at the next election take a good long look at our (your) city/state/country and if you don't like what you see, for heaven's sake get rid of the people running it.