Don't be Fooled by the Commercial...

This post is for all the women out there who read my blog, although you men should care about this too. It is in regards to this pharmaceutical called Gardasil. Gardasil apparently prevents cervical cancer and is being pushed to young girls and women as some sort of miracle vaccine.

I want to urge all of you to not get this vaccination. At least not right now!

1. Gardasil hasn't been out that long and hasn't been tested to know its long term side effects or consequences.

2. The average age of woman who are diagnosed with cervical cancer is 48, so why is the drug being pimped to young women and girls who have a very, very, very slight chance of getting it? Why not to women in the age bracket most likely to be affected?

3. Merck's agenda should be closely scrutinized as they are also trying to push legislation that would require this vaccine be given to all girls above middle school age. Again, why?

4. The vaccines (a course of 3 shots) are extremely expensive ($360), most insurance companies will cover it, until the woman turns 18, than it isn't considered necessary.

5. The vaccine doesn't work for life. There are booster shots that need to be administered. Of course, these booster shots would be at the woman's expense (after age 18) if she chose to continue treatment.

6. I have been unable to find any proof that cervical cancer, in any way, has been avoided in the age group of 9-26.

Further studies and long term consequences of this drug need to be investigated before mass legislation is passed to require this vaccination in all young women and girls. I urge any of you who are considering this vaccination to do a little research and read about it...don't just trust what the commercial tells you!