Thirty and Exhausted

I refuse to believe it has been over a month since I last posted. It feels like just yesterday. So much has happened since than.

#1, I turned thirty.
I didn't think it was much of a big deal until a week before it happened and Matthew was ribbing me about how I was going to be old now, and I broke down crying. I don't know who was more surprised, him or me. I had a great birthday with family and friends, and I must admit everyone was so wonderful to me, there was very little "over the hill" talk or greeting cards speaking of geriatrics. For that I am most grateful!

#2, I had a nervous breakdown. Not the hospitalizing kind, just the kind that prevents you from functioning like a normal human being. In hindsight this was probably exacerbated by the whole thirty thing, but mostly it was school. I 100% underestimated the toll the U of A would take on my sanity, my time, my confidence, but mostly my relationships. I honestly don't know how people do it. Every waking hour of my day is preparing for tests, studying for quizzes, writing papers, doing presentations, and writing lab reports. I have nothing else in my life and it drove me (and continues to drive me) crazy.

This, of course, brings me to #3. I changed my major and minor, or more accurately, I flip-flopped them. My major is now Anthropology and my minor is Biology. This came about for more reasons that I can begin to list, but mostly because I love anthropology and archaeology and I am tired, after 2 (full time) years at Pima and 1 year at U of A, of taking very few classes that I like. Plus, if I have to take another minute of chemistry, I might start taking hostages. I don't love biology but anthropology requires that I establish a minor and since I already have so many biology classes, it makes logical sense to make that my minor instead of starting over. The switch doesn't decrease, nor does it increase my time at the U of A, which is still estimated at 2 more years. If I was going to make the switch, now was the time.

I have to thank Matthew and my sister for being the voice of reason over the past month and for tolerating my incessant whining and crying. They stayed positive, reasonable, and understanding when I probably didn't deserve it, and for that I am eternally grateful. It is those two who lifted me up and dragged me along until I could support myself.

#4. [removed by request]

#5, as many of you have already heard, is the news that Matthew's Grandma Eileen and Aunt Sharon were hurt terribly in a car accident in New Mexico almost a week ago. Matthew is driving to Albuquerque as I write this to be with his family. The prognosis is better today than it was just a few short days ago.

The information, as I have it is, that Aunt Sharon was driving (Grandma Eileen the passenger) on the freeway, when either a collision or a near collision caused Aunt Sharon to swerve. The swerve caused them to enter the ditch in between the lanes of traffic, where the car flipped. The air bags did not deploy.

Grandma Eileen has a broken vertebrae in her neck (which they will be unable to fix due to her young age of 89), her arm is broken in 3 places (it is our understanding it is all three bones in one arm), and she had bleeding on the brain. Grandma's surgery on her arm took place yesterday and she did astoundingly well!

Aunt Sharon is considerably worse. She had multiple lacerations to her face due to broken glass, her jaw is broken in two places (they intend to repair this today, I believe), both eye sockets are broken, and a bone which leads from the cheek to near her ear is also broken. Due to this broken bone they are concerned about deafness. Until yesterday she was under heavy sedation, although I am told she woke up yesterday, very confused, and when asked if she was in pain, she nodded her head. This is so good on so many levels, she can hear (at least out of one ear) and her brain hasn't been affected to such an extent that she cannot communicate.

They both remain in critical condition and we anticipate their recovery to be long and arduous.
Your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated at this time, as we all hope they make the type of recovery that will allow them full and happy lives.

As you can see, never a dull moment in the Phillips' household.

I shall take my leave now, and promise to update again soon, but I am sure most of you have been around long enough to know, that is a lie.

Until Next Time!


~kk said…
My thoughts are with your family...we will be pulling for a strong recovery.