Where is My Bail-Out Mr. Obama?

There is an old saying that "knowledge is power". I am beginning to believe that knowledge leads the way to hopelessness and despair. I say this only because after listening to two weeks of Jerry Doyle (see the previous post) and getting the straight skinny on what is happening in the world of politics and our federal government...well...we ALL are so screwed.

Remember all those billions of dollars the taxpayers "agreed" to give to the banks, TARP money as it is called? Remember how that was supposed to help the common person? Remember how people were going to keep their houses and their jobs? Remember how this bail-out was going to keep kids going to college?

Well, from my vantage point in little ol' Tucson, Arizona, that isn't happening!

I just got my financial aid notice for next year. Hey, guess what, the Federal Government (with whom I get my student loans) has offered me money, but not enough to cover the outrageous tuition hike that U of A imposed on its students. Thanks!

Oh, and Bank of America has decided that my 7% interest rate on my credit card (used for buying school books, additional fees that U of A secretly adds that loans won't cover, and parking permits) isn't enough money for them, so they have notified me that they will be increasing my interest rate to 14% effective May 1st. Might I add that this isn't just me, this is thousands upon thousands of loyal and trustworthy consumers who have never missed a payment and have never been late. This is 100% a money making decision (and a desperate attempt to screw over the consumer before legislation is passed that would prevent exactly this happening)...OH, AND BANK OF AMERICA ACCEPTED TARP MONEY FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! Why exactly do they need to raise their rates if they received bail-out money????

So, Mr. Obama, I don't have enough money to go to school next year and I can't use my credit card, so where exactly is my bail-out?