The Camera is Back!

Oh, about a year ago (or maybe longer), my Canon Elph Digital camera took a dump and stopped taking photographs. I carefully boxed it up and put it in the closet until we moved. When summer break started I took it out of the box and discovered via Canon's website that the defect was covered by a warranty (despite the age of the camera) and the broken mechanism would be replaced for free. I called Canon, got a UPS label from them, shipped the camera, and 7 days later my camera was returned to me in perfect, working condition. I highly recommend to all of you to purchase Canon products. They don't break very often but when they do the stages of getting it replaced/repaired are easy and trouble-free! I couldn't be happier!

Now here are some pictures of the kids because I know you missed them!

Poor Lily will be getting a haircut on Sunday

Piper was unenthusiastic regarding the return of the camera

Trudy is helpful in keeping track of our remotes and video game controllers