Don't Get Excited, It's Not Mine!!

Bruce, Matt's best friend, called a few days ago to inform us that he and his lovely wife, Christine, are expecting their first baby in mid-January 2010 (see below).

Married at Disneyland in October 2007

I figured I better make this blog title as descriptive as possible so that my family didn't have a coronary when they saw the sonogram picture.

Despite our disinterest and general annoyance with children we both are pretty excited about the new arrival. Finally we will get to be the awesome, fun, and exciting aunt and uncle who teach the child all the things their parents don't want him/her to know. Plus, we can fill him/her up with candy, chocolate, and soda, bounce 'em on our knee for awhile, and send him/her home to Bruce and Christine. They thought giving us a rooster was bad, this is going to be so much more fun!