Killer is Purring like a Kitten

Less than one day later and my car (her name is Killer) is running like a race car. And who might you ask performed such a miracle? That would be my husband!!

As soon as he heard about my car, he came home early, opened up the hood, started her up, and immediately heard a hissing noise. Apparently one of the hoses which led to the engine had sprung a hole. He removed the broken hose, went to Checker where the nice guy behind the counter gave him the vacuum hose he needed for FREE, and installed it. Sadly, that didn't fix it right away, but got the car in running condition. He than took Killer to Autozone where they were able to read the car's computer for FREE, which told him that the spark plugs needed to be replaced. So $66.00 later, Killer has a new hose and new spark plugs and wires! We took her out today for a test drive to Teresa's house and she did great! I am so lucky to have such a skilled mechanic in my house!