Happy Birthday Lily

Five years ago on August 8th, little Lily was born. To commemorate this day I found as many of her baby pictures as I could. We lost a lot of the them in one of two great hard drive crashes.

For those who do not know the story of how Lily came to live with us, I shall tell you now.

When hubby and I were still dating we would spend the weekends going to pet stores and playing with the puppies. Specifically, we liked going to the pet stores that actually let us hold them. One Saturday we went to "The Puppy Place" and saw Lily and her siblings. Hubby was already a lover of miniature schnauzers but I had my reservations since I had always been raised with large dogs. We held her, loved her, played with her, and even named her before we left the store, but decided we couldn't have her...she was just too expensive.
So, we went home and I thought about her, and thought about her, and couldn't get her off my mind. I even went back to the pet store a couple days later to visit her only to find out that someone else had put her on a 24 hour hold (she was the only remaining puppy left). I went home, defeated and saddened, but glad that she was going to be going home with someone. The next day I called to find out if she had been purchased and they said no, stating that the family had changed their mind. I immediately called hubby from work and told him that she was available. He was at school at the time and explained to me all the reasons why we couldn't have her. I was so upset, I really loved that little puppy! After work I called hubby to ask him if he was serious that we couldn't have her and asked him if he had gone to pick her up or if I could go pick her up? He said no, consoled me and invited me over to his apartment for dinner. I went home dropped off my work stuff, changed clothes, and walked over to his apartment. When I opened the door, there was Lily, playing on the floor with all her new toys! Apparently as soon as hubby heard she was available, he ditched school, picked her up from the pet store and went to Petsmart to get her all the necessities. What a wonderful surprise, I cried so hard!!! Although she was a terrible puppy, she has turned into a loving, wonderful dog...we are so lucky!


~kk said…
Super cute...congrats on a whole new year of fun!