The Drive to Oregon

I don't have a tremendous amount of pictures from our drive to Oregon, mostly due to stress levels and driving so much at night.  Here are a few I managed to snap:

On the road, leaving Tucson heading to Phoenix

Sleepy puppies already, they have no idea the ordeal we are about to put them through.

 Wednesday night (12/28/11) we stayed in Kingman

 Thursday morning (12/29/11) we left for California, we visited San Luis Obispo where my sister lives and than headed towards San Francisco.  This photo is from somewhere between SLO and San Fran. We ended up staying over night in Petaluma, California.

We left Petaluma on Friday morning (12/30/11) and trekked on. This photo was somewhere in Northern California.

Humboldt Redwood State Park

Humboldt Redwood State Park

 Outside Eureka, California

 Double Rainbow!

 Crescent City, California (close to the Oregon border)

Sunset along the North Pacific

We technically arrived in Portland on Saturday 12/31/11 just after midnight.  We stayed in Hubby's hotel room which he had been using since arriving in Portland and when the sun came up, we picked up the keys to the house.  That day we unpacked the entire truck and moved everything into the house.  That night we stayed up and watched the ball drop and were promptly in bed around 12:02. :)

We were greeted in 2012 with the most lovely of sunrises.  Welcome Phillips family to Oregon!