Nice People!

I don't know what it is about Tucson (the heat!) but people aren't nice there. At all. Heck, I will admit it, I wasn't particularly nice. Whether you are at the grocery store, bank, school or convenience store, everyone has a general displeasure about them. Not in Portland! Everyone I have had the opportunity to speak to has been extremely nice. Everyone who works in a customer service position has been kind and talkative. Everyone has been helpful and smiling. It is so foreign to me, I don't know quite how to react, I just smile dumbly at them with a look of confusion. :)

In addition, they don't have recorded messages or call routing here. When you call a utility company (electric, gas, cable, trash) they pick up the phone to speak with you. When I called the DMV a polite woman answered on the first ring! When we called the electric company regarding a problem, they had a repairman out here within 20 minutes! The service in Portland is outstanding!


AlanaMarie said…
I don't know if you are on facebook, I couldnt find you but you need this:

you can click on the picture to see the listing.
It's the coolest thing ever!

Love, Alana :)
Danafox said…
OMG! Love it! Immediately sent it to my husband so he can either buy it for me or build me one. :)

P.S. Not on Facebook :)