Archaeology Job

Back in November I interviewed with an archaeology firm up in the Portland area. It is a firm that Hubby's company uses from time to time and my connection to him and his job garnered me the opportunity to interview with them. The human resources director at first seemed skeptical, seeing as I had only broken my hand a few months prior. We both agreed to wait until the new year and allow my hand to make a good and complete recovery. He called the other day to line me up for a dig in about a week. I sense he is still wary of hiring me, now he claims that I might be "too tiny". I told him I felt confident I could do the work. We ladies sometimes have to fight to do jobs that have been male dominated for so long!

I know I would regret not grabbing this opportunity. In the end the worst that happens is that they aren't happy with my quality of work and don't call me back for another dig. The best thing that could happen is that I have a job from time to time that eventually might lead me into a permanent position in the field of study I went to college to do. Either way, I am going to learn some very valuable lessons in the coming month!

I won't be able to update the blog the way I did last summer because there is a confidentiality clause that prevents me from discussing the dig, who the client is who hired us and the location. No pictures or discussion is allowed until after the dig is complete. Sadly, if word got out via by mouth or over the internet about where and what we were discovering, there would be "pot-hunters" out there at night digging up the area before we had a chance. Hopefully I will be be able to regale you with some cool stories in April!