Hepcat Model

My goal has been to get the Hepcat finished by my birthday. That didn't happen since the dig took a couple of weeks off my modeling schedule (more on that later). I realized, however, that I still have several weeks worth of photos to catch you all up on. The Hepcat is ALMOST finished (I swear)!

We ended up adding a piece of wood to the front to support a windshield 
and also to support the dowel that will hold the wing in place.

The putty type substance is called Microballoons, we use it 
to mold the wing to the fuselage so that there is a tight fit.
See the dowel sticking out the front?

Once some upgrades and repairs had been done to the top, I covered it.

Than I started glueing the tail section together...

and I painted the now puttied area blue to match the rest of the plane.

See how nicely the wing sits on the fuselage now!

Than I glued the tail section on permanently...

and I also glued on the tail skid permanently.

And finally I installed the landing gear.

The body is almost officially done, just have windows and windshield to install and of course,
 the inner workings: fuel tank, battery pack, engine and connect all the wiring!!!
Now I have to sign up to be an AMA member so I can legally take her out for a spin...