Archaeology Job

The archaeology job lasted for a total of 8 days before we (myself and 2 other new hires) were informed that work has slowed down enough that we won't be needed again until about two weeks from now. This was honestly welcome news, I had developed an upper respiratory infection just a few days before the dig began and have been miserably sick and on antibiotics for most of the time. My body needs to recover both from the dig and from the illness.

We traveled to three different sites over the 8 days, 6 of those days were spent in Lake Oswego OR, 1 day in Vancouver WA and 1 day in Camas WA. All 3 sites were prehistoric in nature and all of them in urban, well developed areas. On the final day our supervisor took us around the block for lunch, wanting to show us the reason for all the slag we were finding in Lake Oswego. For those interested, here is information on the area and its history.

Willamette River

Spring is finally here and gosh is it beautiful!

George Rogers Park and the Iron Furnace