UPDATED: Trudy is Broken...Again

We have made much improvement with Trudy over the past week. She is feeling better, sleeping through the night and generally being "fighty" which means she is on the road to recovery. Now it is just keeping her off the furniture and from doing anything else that might re-injure her back until the bone(s) have had enough time to strengthen.

Post date: 4/30/14

It has been 8 days since Trudy hurt her back and we made significant progress...until today. This afternoon when I got home from work she tweaked her back and completely lost her mind in pain. So much pain, in fact, that it caused one of her back legs to lock in a completely straight position and she stood on it like a ballerina on point. After the veterinarian talked me down over the phone, he recommended I massage her for one hour and call him back if she wasn't better. Luckily, that seemed to help but our poor old girl just can't seem to catch a break (no pun intended).


Original Post: 4/24/14

We made it almost one year to the day but, unfortunately, Trudy injured her back again. We cannot pinpoint exactly what caused it this time but in some ways we parents are doing better with managing it and some ways (me) not. Emotionally, it never seems to get easier but medication is helping and we know that with time it will get better.

After almost one decade of marriage, I realized last night that sometimes we forget why we chose the person we did; we take them for granted; we get busy and so wrapped up in exterior things (and ourselves) that we lose sight of the important stuff. Last night, as I fed Trudy cold oatmeal, my husband sat on the couch with her in his lap, whispering sweet nothings to calm her while holding a heating pad to her back. At that moment I remembered what an amazing, compassionate, strong, unbelievably remarkable man I married. He is my rock and I am so grateful.