California Vacation: Day 5 & 6

We started off Day 5 just like before, got some breakfast and coffee but had to leave the dogs behind. Ocean Beach doesn't allow dogs on the pier, which was our next stop. One interesting side note, we have never walked this much on a vacation, ever, not even in Vegas. In Vegas there is the ample parking, the monorail or cabs. In OB, you have only your legs to get you around because parking is a nightmare!

One legged seagull

Later in the afternoon we did take the dogs to Sunset Cliffs

Once the dogs were sufficiently tuckered out for the day, we had dinner with the Hudson Family at their house. The kids were a riot and really fun to be around. Liam enjoyed fighting with Uncle Matt and Magnus liked to jump off the table into our laps. Such a great family! Thanks B and C!

Magnus in his baptismal outfit, such a cutie!

Day 6 started and ended in the car. We left San Diego around 7:30 am and arrived back home at 1:30 am. 18 hours in the car y'all! Dogs did so much better than we did, we humans were just exhausted. Now we need to spend several days in bed and catch up on our sleep. :-)