2014 Portland Marathon

My Hubs Man achieved a serious bucket list item today: he ran the Portland Marathon!!! After 6 months of training on weekends and during work days at lunch, he crossed that finish line!!! I wasn't able to be there for several reasons. First, since Boston they won't allow spectators at the starting or finish line and second, Trudy had an unexpected back episode at about 6:30 this morning and it took me over 2 hours to get her to a place where she could walk on her own. Talk about bad timing. We had a meeting place at mile 21 all set up and Hubs looked for me and I wasn't there. Such a dummer!!! Nonetheless, I was able to follow his progress from home until his RFDI cut out at mile 21. Hopefully in a few days the marathon will be able to tell us what his finish time was...

Start:     00:00:00   Pace: ---
5K:        29:02        Pace: 09:21
10K:      54:35        Pace: 08:14
8.9M     01:15:17   Pace: 07:43
13.1M   01:51:16   Pace: 08:35
17.5M   02:32:42   Pace: 09:25
21.1M   -----           Pace: ----
Finish   -----           Pace: ----

I am such a proud wife! What an amazing achievement! I will be bragging about him for quite awhile!

Photo credit: Dan Berger
Thanks Dan! You are rad!!