Oregon International Air Show (includes video)

A few weeks ago, as part of my outreach schedule, I was asked to attend the 2014 Oregon International Air Show as an exhibitor. The museum signed up at the last minute so we didn't get a prime location, but still had great seats to enjoy the show! On Saturday my good friend (and fellow docent) Marlane went with me and on Sunday hubby and Executive Director Larry came out to help me too! I honestly had low expectations for the weekend but it turned out so much better than I thought it would. The highlight of the entire weekend....F-22 Raptor!! Are you kidding me? This plane is absolutely incredible!!!!

Marlane and I and the sun...we both got burned!

Hubby helping out at our booth

Heritage Flight: F-22 Raptor, 2 P-51 Mustangs and an F-86 Sabre

F-22 Raptor footage