Oregon Ducks vs. Arizona Wildcats

Hubby and I made a trip into Duck country Thursday night to see our Wildcats beat the Ducks once again! We sat in a section where only 4 other Arizona fans resided (and they were 5 rows in front of us) and it was a sold out game. We had an overwhelmingly positive experience with the Oregon fans, so nice and congratulatory. A couple even gave us their cushioned seats because we were sitting in the bleachers. That doesn't happen EVER when you enter enemy territory, but these fans were classy to the maximum. Thank you Oregon for having us at Autzen Stadium and thanks for being the kindest group of football fans out there! Also, thanks for losing -- that really made our night!!!

Coin Toss

1/2 Time

We Won!!! Suck it Ducks!!
(Just because they were classy doesn't mean I have to be!)

Final Score: Arizona 31 - Oregon 24