Summer Vacation: Day 1 & 2

Hubs and I needed a vacation, we have been working too hard and for too many hours, it was time for a break! We packed a bag, threw the kids in the [new] car and headed out. No planning, no schedule and no hotels lined up -- just us and the open road! First stop was Pismo Beach, CA where my sister lives. We arrived around 9:00 pm on Day 1 and crashed at her place because every hotel was booked. Whoops. Day 2 began with eating breakfast in San Luis Obispo and visiting the Elephant Seals in San Simeon.

San Simeon

Most of the day was spent relaxing and walking around Pismo Beach. Much eating took place and we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Ember, a highly recommended restaurant in Arroyo Grande.

Lily @ Pismo Beach

We were finally able to track down a resort which was pet-friendly and had a vacancy. Inn at the Cove was an absolutely outstanding resort with unparalleled views of the ocean. Each pet-friendly room included a gift basket full of blankets, bowls, treats and toys for the pups to enjoy. They also offered complimentary binoculars for whale watching. I couldn't get over the whales, so much so that the balcony became my favorite place.

Inn @ the Cove

Pretty ocean sunset