Summer Vacation: Day 4 & 5

Day 4 began back in the car, this time leaving San Diego and heading to Tucson. We made a short stop in Yuma for lunch where it was 104 degrees. When we arrived in Tucson it was 110 -- we have been gone too long because neither of us could tolerate such hot conditions! Hubby surprised me and got us a room at the La Paloma and it was amazing! The room was bigger than our house and I told him that I was going to live at the resort from now on. Day 4 concluded with dinner at El Guero Canelo, one of our old haunts from years ago, with my friend Brittney. It was as delicious as I remembered!

La Paloma Resort

Trudy especially liked the balcony and all the sunshine!

El Guero Canelo

Day 5 started out beautifully with sunshine and a delicious breakfast at Azul in the lobby of the La Paloma. For lunch we went to Eegees because it is amazing and we miss it so much! Right afterwards we visited Hubby's bridge because he hasn't seen it since it was built. He had a wonderful time seeing his vision in person! Next, we went to the UA to do some shopping and visit my good friend Mike at the Arizona State Museum (Hi Mike!). We closed out the night at Macayos with Brittney and Derrick and the mountain on fire!

Beautiful Tucson Sunrise

Lily liked the balcony too!

Oh I miss you!

Hubby's Bridge

Trudy's new dress! Isn't she precious?

Macayos for dinner

No Tucson trip would be complete without a mountain on fire