Summer Vacation: Day 6 & 7

Day 6 we left Tucson and made our way to Kingman. The whole vacation idea kind of started because of the need to go to Kingman. You see, Hubs' mom lives in Oregon now and we had some loose ends to tie up in Kingman. The only way both of us could go (because of the dogs) is if we drove which was now possible with the new car. Tada!

Monsoon season in Tucson, my absolute favorite!

Such good traveling dogs, but by this time 
they had just about enough of this vacation

After things were done in Kingman we went to Williams, AZ where we stayed at Mountain Ranch Resort at Beacon Hill. Day 7's goal was the Grand Canyon! Yes, folks I am a native Arizonan and had never been to the Grand Canyon. So glad we finally made it!

Mountain Ranch Resort

When we arrived at the Grand Canyon, the sun was out...

But then the clouds started moving in....

And the rain held out for a few minutes...

But soon the heavens opened up and everyone was soaked!

Than the sun came out again...

And than it rained...again.

By this point, Trudy had had enough! She wasn't having anything more to do with this trip. She was soaking wet, tired, achy, getting her medication at weird times and simply wasn't feeling good. Soooo, we ended our trip a week early and made our way to Salt Lake City, Utah for the night in hopes of making it home on Day 8.