Eye Appointment

Matthew has been suffering from a terrible, constant headache for about a week now. He has gone to the doctor and the doc prescribed some pills which of course didn't work. So, I suggested we go get our eyes checked. It was about time for me and I thought maybe the reason the medication wasn't working was something more physical.
So we had our appointments and my eyes are just lovely, despite the need for glasses. My prescription has hardly changed at all and the other tests were fine. Matthew on the other hand is going to need glasses. BUT that isn't the most interesting part of the story. Apparently when he had his eyes checked at this same establishment 2 years ago, he needed glasses than. It seems that they "prescribed" him glasses but NEVER told him about it. According to his medical file he is supposed to and has been wearing glasses for the past two years. Needless to say that Matthew and the doctor were very surprised. I am no expert, but that seems like a malpractice suit or at the very least they owe him a huge apology.