Job Interview

I just got home about an hour ago from a job interview at a mortuary. I put in an application about a week ago after having met with the funeral director about a month before that.

It has been said by many in the law enforcement and crime scene profession that before I continue my education too far that I should have some hands on experience with the deceased. Many say that they have seen people who have become educated forensic experts who than passed out or vomited at the sight of a real dead person. All those years of school would be worthless if you find out you can't handle it. So, that is why I met with Nathan, the funeral director.

Originally he had me scoped out to become a part-time receptionist, but after we talked for a little while he realized that that wasn't exactly what I was interested in. So, he is now looking for an attendant position for me. The hours would be more flexible around school, and that is essential to my accepting any position. An attendant works with the family, prepares for the services and has some minimal interaction with the deceased. It is his goal that come August-October, when the preparation portion of the mortuary will be transferred from a more distant location to our location, that he can put me in a position much more suited to my interests.

I am so pumped. The interview went great and Nathan was easy to get along with and talk to. It sounds like he is going to do all he can to accommodate my schedule and rearrange some staff to get me a position. I should hear back from him after Thursday of next week. There of course is a chance I won't accept or he won't be able to find anything, but overall the interview went swimmingly.


m. newton said…
If this is what you want, we are all for you getting it.

Good Luck!!!