Good News/Bad News

Matthew had a doctor's appointment scheduled for today but his work called him out to Marana, so he asked me to go in his place. I have a mole on my upper back that seems to have gotten larger since I came home from California a couple months ago with a sunburn. So, the doctor's office let me go in his place and we weren't penalized.

The good news is that my mole is completely normal and I can electively decide to remove it if I wish.

The bad news is that my blood results came back and I am "slightly" allergic to wheat. It is kind of weird...if the number was 11 or below, than you are not allergic. If the number was 17 or above than you are allergic. My number was 13, which puts me somewhere in the middle. I have to go to a GI doctor now for further testing. Oh well, at least I am finally getting to the bottom of all my intestinal problems.