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Teeny, Tiny House: Firewood Shed

One infuriating thing about having neighbors, even when they are 1 acre away is that they can do things to their home, property, or land that can adversely affect your house or lifestyle. In our case, our fairly new next door neighbor decided to clear his land of almost all vegetation. Cutting down trees, clearing underbrush and chopping down bushes. Hubs and I prefer a more natural approach to our land. In Oregon, there is no sense in fighting nature, it will grow as it wishes so best just to enjoy it. Our neighbor has decided on the more hair-pulling approach and good luck to him. The downfall for us is that now we see his house, we see his cars, we see his shed, we just see him and the point of living outside of town is not hear or see each other, if possible. Hubs came up with an inventive solution. Build a firewood shed (which we desperately needed anyway) in the line of sight of his house so that we can block the view. In the future, maybe we can plant some additional foliage b…

Game of Thrones In Concert (includes video)

For my birthday, which passed back in March, my sister bought me two tickets to the Game of Thrones concert at the Moda Center here in Portland. I knew it was coming to town and wanted to attend it with my girlfriend Brandi but Hubs kept telling me to hold off buying tickets. I started to quickly suspect that he had something up his sleeve but was very much surprised to find that it was my sister who had splurged on tickets.
On the night of the event, Brandi and I went out to dinner, wearing our finest GoT geeky apparel; her in a shirt which said "That's what I do, I drink and I know things" (which is even funnier because she owns a wine business) and I in my Hound helm shirt. We arrived at the Moda Center right on time, found a parking space ridiculously close to the venue, found our seats astoundingly fast and even indulged in some beverages before the show.
The show itself was incredible! Hubs and I had attended Star Wars in Concert back before moving to Oregon but t…

Wizard World 2017

When I went to Texas over the summer, my sis and I attended a Wizard World convention (you can read more about that here). Simply by accident and at the very last minute, I realized that Wizard World was coming to Portland, so Hubs Man and I took a day to ourselves and went "con-ing".
The first person we saw was Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black. I don't watch the show, but Hubs has been watching it and thinks it is pretty good.
Second was Alan Tudyk. You probably know him from Firefly but he was also K2SO in the new Star Wars Rogue One movie. He was brilliantly funny and brought "gifts" for the people who asked him questions. The best "gift" was a broken clock from his house (but at least he signed it).

The highlight of our day, no doubt, was meeting Jon (Larry Wilcox) and Ponch (Erik Estrada) from the tv show CHiPS. Both Hubs and I have fond memories of CHiPS from our childhoods. One of the earliest photos my parents have is of me standing in front…

We are still Arizonans Living in Oregon

5 years into living in Oregon and we discover, occasionally, that we aren't as prepared for inclement weather as we think. A cold arctic blast hit our area right before Christmas and we were trapped in our house for 5 days. While we had food, power, heat and water (the most important stuff), we weren't able to leave our house for work or pleasure. The driveway was treacherously slick with snow and ice, we didn't have a snow shovel and our cars didn't have chains. Even if we could get down our hill, there was no getting out of our neighborhood or onto the country road that leads to civilization. By no means is this the worst snow we have seen or even the deepest, but it stuck around the longest with below freezing temperatures. We are bracing for another cold blast on Sunday and perhaps another week indoors. We have a snow shovel and chains now, though!

That second cold blast of arctic air hit us just as predicted and this one was a doozy! Portland reported abo…