Day One

Well, today was the first full day without my hubby.
I won't say it has been easy but so far I have found that as long as I stay busy, it is easier to cope. So, I met my sister for lunch, ran a few errands, took down the Christmas decorations, vacuumed, and rearranged a few items of furniture. I have also been watching the television coverage regarding the shooting here in town of 18 people and that has also made me realize that things could be much worse.

Last night was hard, the dogs woke me at 11 when they heard the dryer rumble because they thought it was him returning home. Lily is much more aware of his absence than Trudy. She sits by the door and waits patiently but it is usually easy to distract her with a toy or treats.

I bought Trudy a new collar and sweater today. They match and are pink and gray. If you can't dress your dog up when you're sad, what can you do?